FAQ | Black Venom Luxury Rebel
Frequently asked questions


Yes, all Black Venom watches are waterproof and meet the standards of the parent company that produced the watch.
Absolutely not. The Diamond Like Carbon coating does not ruin the basic watch in any way. It makes it resistant to wear and scratches and the DLC treatment is completely reversible. For standard watches, once the watch is in excellent condition, Black Venom is available to repurchase it within a year at 20% less than the purchase price.
Yes, the DLC treatment is reversible. If requested, our team will restore the watch to its original condition.
No, the price is the final and definitive price.
Following the DLC treatment, the watch is no longer recognized by the parent company. Through the process of reversibility of the treatment, however, it is possible to return it to its original state and therefore be recognized.
Warranty and Returns
After the purchase you will benefit from a comprehensive warranty covering potential failures in materials, workmanship and coating, as well as defects and malfunctions which occur under normal conditions of use and maintenance. The Black Venom warranty completely replaces the original manufacturer's guarantee provided for the watch.
To request a warranty repair, you can contact the following number +39 392 112 1111 or write an email to warranty@blackvenomwatch.com The maintenance work has a minimum duration of 30 days. If will take longer you will be notified as soon as the watch will be checked in our laboratories. Neither repair work nor repairs carried out under warranty constitute an extension or renewal of the original warranty period. The Black Venom warranty completely replaces the original manufacturer's warranty provided for your watch.
Delivery depends on the complexity of the customization and will be communicated to you based on your request. In general, if the watch is not available for immediate delivery, it will take up to 4 weeks to complete the order.
Yes, Black Venom ships worldwide and shipping costs are already included in the price of the watch.
Yes, the shipment is covered by an insured courier.
Diamond Collections
Black Venom uses top quality Diamonds. Each diamond is expertly set by hand by our master setter. As a degree of purity we use the VVS Category and as a color Category F-G.
Black Venom Kit
In addition to the Black Venom luxury watch you will find included in the Limited Edition box:
2 Cordura straps
A black steel bracelet
A personalized BV screwdriver
The Black Venom warranty valid for 5 years
1 transparent Safety Box box to ship the watch in case of a service request.
We are able to customise your watch with or without the Black Venom branding, provided you have the original warranty certificate.
No, Black Venom is specialized in the creation of unique timepieces therefore only personalized watches are sold.
Nous sommes spécialisés dans la personnalisation des montres de nos clients. La personnalisation comprend également la production d'un aperçu graphique du résultat final pour votre approbation. La personnalisation peut être effectuée à condition que vous disposiez de la garantie d'origine. De plus, vous pouvez choisir d'ajouter ou non le logo Black Venom à votre montre personnalisée.