Rolex 214270 Black Venom- Limited Edition /10 | Black Venom Luxury Rebel
Rolex Explorer Limited Edition /10 Black Venom Dlc - Pvd

€ 12900.00

The explorer I is the symbol of the close relationship that Rolex has always had with the world of exploration.
It was developed by the Swiss company for the British expedition to Mount Everest in 1954. It had to cope with the most extreme altitudes and adverse weather conditions. The legibility of the dial is excellent.
Although not known as the other iconic Rolex models, the Explorer I is suitable for not too wide wrists and for those who want to have a discreet and inconspicuous approach.
Black Venom emphasizes these features with its majestic and elegant black.


Reference 214270
Condition New
Package Yes
Warranty Yes
Availability Available
Size Diameter 39.00 mm
Case DLC Steel
Dial Green
Bracelet Steel DLC
Movement Automatic
Waterproof 100
Year 2021
Practical and fashionable with the DLC coating


Another feature of Black Venom watches is that they are treated with DLC which is biocompatible. Luxury watches compatible with your skin where there isn't room for allergies and irritations. The total black look gains strength: a perfect mix to feel comfortable with a hypoallergenic, refined and attractive fashionable product.

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