Black Venom Watches Limited Edition
Garanzia Black Venom
5 years warranty

Italian design

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Why Black Venom

Black Venom rewrites the way you stand out.
It's not just about owning a luxury watch. It is taking your image to a new level of awareness, to a unique personality. It's becoming a luxury rebel.

Black Venom glares at history changing watches with a magnetic stare: it perfectly combines the culture of high-end watchmaking with the most sophisticated technology. A dense, deep black embraces leather, creating a hopelessly elegant contrast. Impossible not to notice it.


the secret formula of DLC

It is a molecular coating with very high potential, born in the military field and then used with extreme success in other areas. An example can be Formula 1 piston rods, to which the treatment is applied in order to contain the friction coefficient, with a reduced fuel expense.

DLC increases wear resistance and component life, while reducing maintenance requirements. Thanks to its composition it molds a real shell, capable of withstanding scratches and bumps up to 7-8 times more than steel.